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Our programmes run all year round from January – July and September – December. 

Zimbabwe - Kenya Programmes 



  • 3 days in the Eastern Highlands at an adventure centre set in forested mountains. 

  • 3 weeks on a wildlife ranch in South-Eastern Zimbabwe. Mucking in with day to day life on a ranch, helping the anti-poaching units, learning about wildlife & conservation from professionals, camping in the bush, volunteering in the local primary school, helping citrus plantation, learning how to make biltong and boerewors sausages, playing with the pet rhino and understanding the challenges of running a wildlife conservancy. 

  • 1-week expedition to Matopos Hills and onto Victoria Falls. Visiting ancient rock art - some of the best cave paintings in Africa and hiking to these sites whilst staying in a farmhouse in Matopos.

  • 3 days in Victoria Falls. Visiting the Falls, White water rafting, zip lining, bungy jumping and canoeing the Zambezi (all optional) sundowners on the river and enjoying this famous spectacle. Fly from Victoria Falls direct to Nairobi. Overnight Nairobi.



  • 3 weeks volunteering in a primary school near Mount Kenya whilst staying on our small farm. You will help children aged 5 – 13 with basic reading, games and sport and understand the challenges of poverty in a rural area. You will also learn about businesses in Laikipia, from flower and dairy farms to local welding enterprises, visit the markets of Nanyuki town, and local charities. 

  • 10 days of wildlife and conservation experience in a private safari camp led by professional safari guides. Game drives, walking safaris, learning about tracking wildlife, birds, building hides and setting up camera traps for wildlife observation. This is an in-depth experience in the bush and you will visit other conservancies in North Kenya, camping, walking, hiking, exploring and navigating through wilderness areas. 

  • 3 days of visiting other conservancies in Laikipia including Lewa, Borana and Lolldaiga, learning about poaching, conservation, community partnerships and the challenges of conservation in North Kenya. 

  • 1 week of expeditions including camping at either Lake Turkana or the Rift Valley Lakes of Baringo and Bogoria, visiting flamingos and hot springs and visiting the tribes of North Kenya. 

  • 3 days climbing Mount Kenya to point Lenana and back through the lakes and foothills. 

  • Optional riding safari for experienced riders only on a wildlife conservancy amongst big game.

Programme Dates


SUMMER 2023 

  • Zimbabwe & Kenya   10 weeks     April 23 – July 1 

  • Kenya                     6 weeks     May 23 - July 1            

  • Zimbabwe               4 weeks      July 4 - July 31


  • Zimbabwe               4 weeks      Sept 22 - Oct 22

  • Zimbabwe & Kenya   10 weeks     Sept 23 - Dec 3

  • Kenya                     6 weeks      Oct 23 - Dec 3    


  • Zimbabwe               4 weeks      Jan 23 - Feb 19

  • Zimbabwe & Kenya   10 weeks     Jan 23 - March 28

  • Kenya                     6 weeks      Feb 19 - March 28 



  • Zimbabwe               4 weeks      April 21 - May 20

  • Zimbabwe & Kenya   10 weeks     April 21 - June 29

  • Kenya                     6 weeks      May 20 - June 29

  • Zimbabwe               4 weeks      July 4 - July 31

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