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The Kenya programme includes time spent on a conservancy in Laikipia, hosted by our Gap management team and led by professional Kenyan safari guides in the bush each day. 
Early morning starts are followed by several hours a day in the bush, helping on the conservancy with jobs outdoors, monitoring wildlife, fixing airstrips, roads and clearing campsites. 
You will also spend time observing wildlife, exploring the conservancy with safari guides and being taught tracking skills, signs of unusual behaviour and removing invasive non-indigenous plant species. Observation skills are increased and this time in the bush teaches skills in navigation, and to listen and see small signs of what is happening each day. 


These programmes which combine Zimbabwe with Kenya, include 3 weeks on a private wildlife ranch, part of the greater Save Valley Conservancy in southern Zimbabwe. Home to endangered speices such as black rhino and wild dogs, this is a hugely important area in Zimbabwe’s conservation story. Each day our students help on the conservancy with anti-poaching and learn about tracking and wildlife behaviour from the professional guides on site. They also help in the butchery learning to make biltong and boerwors sausages, and on the citrus plantation. This is a diverse family run ranch and its survival has depended on its mixed use approach to farming and conservation. 

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