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Annabelle Dugdale

Simon Dugdale

A New Zealander, Simon grew up outdoors. He was a white water kayak instructor and then a raft guide both in New Zealand and Colorado, USA. He rode a motorcycle out from the UK to Africa over 25 years ago. Since then, he has worked as an ostrich farmer, managed an essential oils farm, worked in wildlife conservation then security management. Latterly he worked for the United Nations delivering a project he developed, training African and Asian military in civil engineering for peace keeping activities. He lived in Tanzania prior to moving to Kenya in 1999.  

Annabelle and Simon also run their own private mobile safaris in Kenya.

Annabelle has been working in adventure tourism in many countries in Africa for nearly 25 years, running walking and riding safaris, camps, lodges, and mobile expeditions in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Kenya. She is a tour operator and designs safaris for small groups and photographers around Africa.

As parents of four adventurous, outdoor children, ourselves keen explorers with a passion for wildlife and conserving our environment, we wish to deliver the broadest experience for gap students in Africa. 

It is our aim to offer opportunities for young people to learn to thrive in an environment which is different, diverse, unknown, and adventurous. 

Our aim is for our students to experience and gain a passion for the African environment, its people, and wildlife and to gain confidence and inspiration from their experience.

AfricaGap is not a holiday. It is a unique time  for young adults to learn and develop new skills led by professionals in a exciting environment and to leave with enhanced skills. Through cultural experience, Africa teaches humility and courage and deep respect for the natural world. 

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