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Every few weeks on the programs there is an epic expedition to a different conservation area. These are exciting and fun trips, learning about wildlife in different environments and the challenges faced by running conservancies as well as getting involved with different projects. 
Here are some examples of current expeditions, these may slightly change from group to group.


Kenya Expeditions

  • Ragati conservancy in the Mt Kenya forest. Checking camera traps for endangered species, fly-fishing and exploring the forest. Helping the rangers catch trout fingerlings and moving them into rivers where they can breed. 

  • Ndoto Hills, Chalbi desert and Lake Turkana or the Rift Valley Lakes of Bogoria and Baringo. Learning about different tribes, their cultures, and very traditional way of life in the remotest of locations which would otherwise be inaccessible to young people traveling in Kenya, these journeys have a profound impact on everyone who visits these remote areas. 

  • Finally, climbing Mount Kenya with a team of professional mountain guides, cooks, and porters to point Lenana is a great achievement and serious challenge in extreme conditions. 

  • There is also an additional option for experienced riders to do a 1-day riding safari on a conservancy amongst rhino, elephant, giraffe, zebra and buffalo 

  • Those keen on farming can visit local commercial farms, combining flowers, wheat and canola, fruit and vegetables, beef and dairy cattle.


 Zimbabwe Expeditions

  • Matopos Hills hiking in this incredible landscape to see ancient Rock Art. Some of the best cave paintings in Africa depicting wild animals and early hunters. Matopos is on our route to Victoria Falls and we spend one or two nights here 

  • Victoria Falls 

  • Nyanga in the Eastern Highlands. Following forest trails, led by professionals on a huge zip line, swimming in cold streams and hiking in this stunning part of Zimbabwe. 



  • Interview practice

  • Navigation 

  • Welding lessons (often making things for the primary schools we support such as netball hoops)

  • Personal security when traveling the world from a security expert

  • Cooking Course – Simple but delicious recipes useful for young people on a budget

  • Charitable projects in our area



Book with Us - Visiting Family

If anyone wants to visit you, Annabelle is a tour operator and can arrange a safari for them around Kenya or Zimbabwe. Friends and family get discounted rates at the places you are staying so this is a great time for them to visit Africa and see what you have been up to. Every year she designs itineraries for families, groups of photographers and adventurous explorers to the most unspoiled wilderness destinations. Whether you are a luxury lodge person or prefer simple bush camps and walking safaris, riding, fishing, or a combination of the best secret spots in these countries, Annabelle has lived  and worked in the safari business in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Kenya for the last 25 years and delighted to help. 

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