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Programme Dates and How to Apply 

Autumn 2021


Sept 6th  – 12 Week Zimbabwe and Kenya Combination programme

Oct 3rd - 11  Week Zimbabwe and Kenya Combination programme 


Spring 2022


Jan 9th - 12 Week Kenya Classic programme 

Feb 6th - 12 Week Zimbabwe Kenya Combination programme 

April 3rd - 12 Week Zimbabwe Kenya Combination programme 


Autumn 2022 dates to follow



Email for details of the costs of the programmes. 

Following this interested parties should email us to set up a time for a Zoom interview. We are 3 hours ahead in the European winter and 2 in the summer. 

With only 12 places on each programme, space is taken up quite quickly so it is a good idea to have an interview even if the programme is 6 months away. 

All applicants must produce 2 written references, one from their school to confirm they are of sound character and fit for a remote programme with a group of people. 

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