We offer a unique range of programmes in Africa. AfricaGap combines experience in wildlife and conservation in some of the best wildlife areas on the continent, with time spent volunteering in small local schools, learning about the country you are in through its young people, and unique expeditions to wilderness areas supported by professional staff.

Our home is Kenya but we have lived in Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe and explored their forests, parks, rivers, and wildlife areas for 25 years. Our aim is to deliver the best combination of experiences in Africa for young people, designed and led by experts who live in Africa. 


Your gap year is precious! You may never get this amount of time again to learn and explore in foreign countries and Africa is the most diverse and exciting continent. You will learn more here in 3 months than anywhere else in the world and it may alter how you think about the world, in a good way. 


Our aim is for our students to gain a passion for Africa, its people, and wildlife, to gain confidence and inspiration from their experience. To leave with skills including cooking, first aid, orienteering, leadership, entrepreneurial ideas, and a strong sense of self-worth and respect for people of all nations. Through cultural experience, Africa teaches humility and courage, and deep respect for the natural world. We believe Africa is the best place to spend your gap year and we look forward to welcoming you. 

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